There are many ways to purchase the album, Just off the Wilderness Road — Songs of the Cumberland Gap Region:

This album will make great Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones from the region, or folks who enjoy acoustic music, or just love a good yarn. Mike Still, in his Kingsport Times News article referred to this album as (in many ways) being a travelogue of the region. We welcome you to explore the region with us, whether you are a potential visitor, a returning visitor, or live here all the time.Digital MP3 downloads, CD’s and custom loaded USB drives can be purchased and shipped from the Store .

Physical locations to make purchases:
CD’s and USB drives:
Powell Valley News (Pennington Gap, VA)
Greg Edwards Law Office (Jonesville, VA)
Davis Bros. Nursery, Inc. (Rose Hill, VA)

CD’s only:
Lee County Court House — Offices of County Court Clerk (Jonesville, VA)
Montgomery Grocery (Ewing, VA)
Papa Chum’s Music and Rarities (Cumberland Gap, TN)
Harrogate Barber Shop (Harrogate, TN)
Legacy Antiques and Printing (New Tazewell, TN)
Davis Studio (Knoxville, TN)
East End Pawn Shop (Middlesboro, KY)

Digital MP3 purchases will be delivered via email. From there they can be burned to a CD or loaded onto a USB drive or cast to a car or TV using Bluetooth on a cellular phone, track by track. The custom USB drives are a great option for those wanting to have the album but finding themselves without a device that has a CD player any longer. USBs will plug into most any computer, newer TVs and automobiles. There is a free link to download the booklet on the Store tab .

Thank you for joining us in exploring the songs and stories that are found “Just off the Wilderness Road”.  The intent of this project is to be a conversation starter about people, places and events that have occurred throughout time, in the three state region surrounding the Cumberland Gap.  Histories and stories are rich in these mountains.  There are many spectacular views to be seen.  There are many events to attend.  There are many personalities to get acquainted with.  The Cumberland Gap Region is one of the finest places in the world and we want you to explore it to the fullest.  

We have worked very diligently from early 2018 through the spring of 2021 to  research, write the songs, collect performers, record, mix, and compile the liner notes.  From the cover art to the last note played, this album is being brought to you by the sons and daughters of the Cumberland Gap region.  It is a product of us.  We hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we have enjoyed making it.      

–Jason Davis

June, 10, 2021