Held Up By A Chain Liner Notes

Fiction became fact in Pineville, Kentucky during the summer of 1933. As the story goes, children were fearful of the large rock that loomed over the town. It was causing some sleepless nights. Parents came up with the story of a massive chain bolted to the rock that would stop it from ever falling and doing harm. The story spread and before long, visitors to the area were asking where they could go to see it. So members of the community, the CCC Corp, The Kiwanians, and the local boy scouts formed “The Chained Rock Club”. They located a large chain from nearby Hagan, Virginia, which had been used in a steam shovel for the Kentucky-Virginia Stone Company (likely used to dig the Hagan Tunnel…see Court Kentucky Girls). The 101 foot long chain was cut in half, then a team of 4 mules began dragging it up Pine Mountain. It took two trips and when the mules gave out, 50 members of the club had to finish the job of transporting it to the top, piecing it back together, and hand drilling the bolts to hold it in place.

Today you can hike up and see this famous chain and experience a fantastic view of Pineville and the surrounding area. It is part of Pine Mountain State Park. “Held up by a Chain” is a lullaby; a mother is telling her child to not be afraid of the storms and stones above.