The Ballad of James E Rains

I’m a lonely volunteer up from Nashville way
I’ve been newly stationed here fighting for the Grays
We’re trying to hold the Cumberland Gap
Where the western passage lays
It’s blowing snow and deathly cold so we’ve camped in the cave

I left my dearest Ida home with Laura on her knee
In times like this I wonder if they do weep for me
We’ve kept the Yanks off of our flanks
Held the Gap somehow
Sheltered here from storm and fear to get some rest for now

Ida dearest Ida
From the dungeon of Gap Cave
I send all my love to you
And I’ll return someday

Word came down from higher ground, the north was closing in
Get your powder ready boys this fight we have to win
And with my final candle
I’ll write out my name
Leave my mark here in the dark, forever to remain

Words and music by Jason Davis & Robert Starnes
© Between the Trees Music (ASCAP)/ It Says What It Says Music (BMI)

Jason Davis — Vocal
Bryan Turner — Vocal, Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Phillip Powers — Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Scott Powers — Mandolin