Just Off The Wilderness Road

My name is William Davis
On the way to Kentucky
My wife was struck with fever
And soon died in her sleep

Now me and my wee children
Stop before the Cumberland Gap
We cannot travel further
And there ain’t no turning back

There ain’t no turning back

Past days were full of promise
We’d find life and land anew
But rain and rocks and sickness
Dashed those dreams in two

Like silt after a flooding
Just off the Wilderness Road
We’ll be like a deposit
And clear some fields to sow

Clear some fields to sow

I’ll work my ax and horses
Plow when the willows bloom
Wipe tears from my youngins
Or we’ll be with my wife soon

Be with my wife soon

Words and music by Jason Davis
© Between the Trees Music (ASCAP)

Alan Powers — Vocals, Guitars

Painting by Carl Rakeman
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