My great grandpa sailed across the sea
Told Englishmen he was Portyghee
They pushed him west ‘cause he had dark skin
To Newman’s Ridge with his other kin

And there they lived

They were Melungeon
Oh Melungeon

Often accused of being thieves
Hiding moonshine stills deep in the trees
Most were good but lived an outcast life
Just getting by in a world of strife

But they survived

They were Melungeon
Oh Melungeon

They gave their dark skin and blue eyes to me
My nose is thin and my hair’s wavy
You might just have their gleam in your eyes
They stood up straight, let their spirits shine

Yes we survived

We are Melungeon
Oh Melungeon
We are Melungeon
Oh Melungeon

Words and music by Jason Davis, Christopher Neal & Joseph Wilson
© Between the Trees Music (ASCAP)

Greg Turner — Lead Vocal
Bryan Turner — Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Dobro, Harmony Vocals
Gary Brooks — Bass Guitar
Chris Brooks — Drums